Finding free photographers (1/4)

Whether you buy your costume, make it yourself or find something in your closet to throw together… you’re probably going to want a picture of it. And you’re not alone! I myself have spent hours online searching through google to find photos of myself that people snapped at conventions. They’re usually not a very pretty sight.

If you want better quality photos, you usually end up paying through the nose for a ½ hour photo shoot at the con, or spending 5 minutes in a tiny photo booth setup in the corner of the dealer’s room. This is not for me. And if it’s not for you, I have found a solution!

There are plenty of photographers out there who want to shoot you just as much as you want to document your amazing costume. All you have to do is sign up for model websites or group meetups. It is that. Easy. Below are few places I recommend trying out. I will go over some of the benefits and ways to advertise yourself on each site in the next couple of posts.

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Fabric Paradise

Living in Seoul, Korea is a wonderfully unique experience, and it’s a great time to be a cosplayer. One word: Dongdaemun. This is an area in South Korea’s capital that will blow the mind of anyone who has ever bought fabrics for their costume. The first time I walked in, my eyeballs popped, my breath quickened and I got a little dizzy. Why? Think about an entire building full of more fabrics you could ever dream of. Six floors of fabrics. Now add two more buildings and you have Dongdaemun’s fabric market.


Everywhere you turn, there are tiny shops selling specific fabrics. Often there’s barely any room for two people to pass each other in the isles as these buildings take full advantage of all the space. ALL. THE. SPACE. The basement has laces, chords, fur, leather, thread and all the sewing accessories ever invented. The top floors offer buttons, accessories, jewels, wooden items, foam shapes and all things shiny.


And the prices? Phenomenal. To give you a comparison, one yard of purple wool cost me $12 in Dongdaemun. Online in the U.S. the same 100% high-quality wool can cost $40-$40.

If you’re into cosplay and you ever get the chance to travel to Seoul for whatever reason, make sure you stop by Dongdaemun for all your fabric needs. Take exit 8 or 9 on the subway and the buildings will be right next to you.

Or find a friend who lives in Korea.