Winning $$ for your costumes

Cosplay can be an expensive hobby! Fabrics, sewing machines, props, armor, wigs, makeup… it adds up pretty quickly.

I have found a way to ease that financial burden, and it only takes a little bit of effort! How do I do it?

I submit my costumes in competitions.

No, I’m not talking cosplay competitions… although I did win one of those once (and only got some DVDs and a shotglass); I’m talking about any event going on in your local area.

Keep your eyes and ears open. Research what locations nearby give good prizes for contests and special events. Know what special movies and events are coming up soon (these are often in-line with contest promotions). Save this information somewhere where you can check up on them every now and then.

I won a $25 gift card at my library’s Halloween contest.


I submitted my Princess Peach costume in for a radio Halloween contest and won $500 in prizes (which I promptly sold).


I found out about a bar that was holding a Star Wars costume contest to hype up the new movie coming out and won $1000 (there was only one other competitor).


These events I found out with minimal research. Imagine what you could be winning if you actively look for these things on a regular basis!


For your convenience, I’m adding a list of places you can start looking for contests at:

  • Library
  • Fair/festival
  • Community center
  • Bar/nightclub
  • Privately owned restaurant
  • Radio stations near you (check their online contest info)
  • Comic/game store
  • Anime/comic/costume clubs


Good luck, and happy hunting!

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