MAGfest the MAGnificent convention

One week.

One week after my first MAGfest, and I wish it was still going on!

Since I live in the local area, I initially went to a super-crowded Katsucon the weekend prior, so I was expecting another crazy ride for MAGfest. I was delightedly wrong!

First, I have never been to a 4-day convention, and attending a Thursday convention is very relaxing… and incredibly advantageous. You can sign up for any events/games/tournaments before anyone else. You get uninhibited access to all the displays, games, and vendor’s booths. The world is your burrito.

Second, there are a lot more panels that I was actually INTERESTED in! And the game room; THE GAME ROOM! An entire floor dedicated to tabletop gaming and meeting new people. An even BIGGER room focuses on arcade games.

But the thing that stood out the most? The photo shoot availability.

Unlike Katsucon, there were no battles for a tiny space of corner to shoot characters in. Even though both conventions were held in the exact same location, the entire indoor and outdoor area was clear and free, and the talented photographers were eager to shoot!

At Katsucon, this section would never be so empty in the day time. NEVER. (photo taken by me)

Seriously, if you’re interested in getting some free quality photo shoots in your cosplay, I HIGHLY recommend MAGfest.


Thursday con = no background crowd. It was great for my Rogue cosplay.

Early con = no crowd in background!

I don’t think I’ve experienced a convention that is so perfectly tailored for endless games and incredible photos.

I ran into 'Eurobeat Kasumi Photography' every day of the convention... and he shot some amazing stuff with me!

I ran into ‘Eurobeat Kasumi Photography’ every day of the convention… and he shot some amazing stuff with me!

Only 350+ days left until the next MAGfest. I’m looking forward to it!