This is not O.K.

To the stranger on Instagram who thinks it’s okay to talk to women like they’re a piece of meat: Stop it.

I am in no way asking for your sexual attention. The amount of skin that is showing in this picture? Most of my facial epidermis and a scandalous peep of forearm.



You see that kid? I’m sharing part of my hobby that makes me the happiest: making children smile.

And you had to get on the internet and ruin an innocent picture with your stupid words.


You, sir, are the reason why I learned to slouch so that nobody’s eyes wandered to certain places.

It’s men like you who taught a 13-year-old me that my body is sexually appealing when a middle-aged truck driver honked at my friend and I as we were walking home from school. If I didn’t stop wearing shorts, I would still get those stupid honks.

It’s men like you who ruined my Valentine’s Day date when I traumatically learned that wearing heels and a dress above the knees means you’re available for prostitution proposals. I was 21, on my first date ever, and didn’t know anything about fashion. I never made that mistake again.


I am also not your:

Sweetheart, sweetie, dear, baby, or dog (so stop whistling at me like I am one).


I didn’t ask for your “compliment”, but I will ask for something from you: STOP. I don’t want your twisted idea of attention.



Con survival guide: how to battle cosplayer exhaustion


Nearly all cosplayers have experienced con exhaustion at one point or another. If you’re always wondering WHY you’re so tired, or WHY you decided to wear that crazy death-trap costume, I have a few tips that will help your experience go a lot smoother.


NOTE: a small bag will help you carry stuff. If you can’t carry a bag, tuck some cash somewhere in your costume.

  1. Bring food (preferably protein to help hold you over)
    • Granola bars, nuts, and jerky are very mobile
    • OR bring cash with you and know where the vending machines are if you are crashing hard and need food NOW
  2. Bring a small water bottle
    • Fill it up near fountains
    • Or just hit the water fountains hard and frequently
  3. SIT DOWN whenever you can
    • “OH LOOK! SOME STAIRS! *flop*”
  4. Pack headache/body ache medicine.
    • If you don’t have a bag, buy the single use packets at a local drugstore and tuck it in your costume
  5. Eat breakfast
    • I don’t care how eager you are to head to the con. Start your day off with food in your stomach and drink as much water as you can comfortably tolerate.
  6. Pre-game*
    • Start eating healthy/sleeping 7-8 hrs the week before. You will be able to “go hard” longer.
    • *I realize that many cosplayers are spending the last couple of free nights making costumes. See my guide on: How to make your costumes ON TIME for the con
  7. Bonus: SLEEP!
    • I know it’s unrealistic to ask cosplayers to get a good night’s rest at the con, but you really will enjoy your day time more
    • #SayNoToConZombies