Beginner’s Guide: Starting a Cosplay Page

As cosplayers, we don’t necessarily think of ourselves as a “brand”, but we are essentially marketing ourselves to our viewers… even if we aren’t selling them anything. Your brand will be a guideline on what and how you post in the future, so before you start a cosplay page, please consider the following:


  1. What outlet should I use? (Website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
    • The type of posts you make might determine the best place to put your product. Do you post often? Do you make lengthy posts? Are you posts heavily image-driven? Do you like to schedule posts?
  2. What direction do I want my page to go?
    • What is your main reason for having a page? Tutorials? Updates on costume progress? Reblogging cool cosplay-related things?
  3. What name will I use?
    • Make sure this is something that you identify as. For instance, I use “Life Of Cosplay” because I update on everything in my life that involves cosplay.
    • Do you want it to be unique? Easy to remember? Easy to spell? Remember that this name will STICK WITH YOU FOREVER.
    • How many variations of this cosplay name is there already?
      • Initially I chose “Peachy Cosplay” as my page, but realized there are several pages out there with a similar name.
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  1. This is a great guide! I had to learn WHAT I wanted to be when I started my cosplay page. I am ThermoCosplay (because I live in a desert and like to use heat to make my costumes). I only started with FB but soon discovered that I ADORE Instagram. I do maintain a site but it is mostly for blogging, my con schedule AND tutorials. Learning who you are as a cosplayer is almost as difficult as making costumes lol

    • Oh wow! I love the origins of your cosplay name~
      Yeah, once you get into cosplay you learn that there is a LOT more to it than just dressing up. It’s almost like a mini business… except you PAY money instead of earn it, lol.
      Could I have the link to your SM pages?? I’d love to check out your stuff!

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